Ayuda Care aims to decrease social isolation among seniors by democratizing access to accessible events and activities. Local artists, musicians, coaches, yogis, and more host classes and performances where seniors make new friends and learn new things.
Founder Sara LeMesh felt inspired to start Ayuda after observing her grandfather struggle with loneliness and depression. She is also a trained opera singer and has been singing in nursing homes and assisted living facilities since 2003. You can read more about her founding story on Medium.

Our Team

Sara LeMesh

Co-founder and CEO

Sara has been singing and performing since she was 7 years old. Attracted to opera and classical music, she's earned multiple degrees in music and has performed with the SF Opera. In 2016 she decided to expand her focus outside of music and begin working in the tech industry. Her passion for underserved people and belief in the power of music to heal led her to the idea of Ayuda. Through greater social connection, we can improve the happiness and health of the aging population.

Siggy Bilstein

Co-founder and CTO

Previously a software engineer at Slack and at LinkedIn, Siggy has been programming since he was a young kid. Outside of programming, he plays guitar and synthesizers and is a proud dogfather.

Dr. Russell LeMesh

Medical Advisor

Dr. LeMesh has over 30 years experience as a geriatric physician working for organizations like Kaiser Permanente and The Institute On Aging in the Bay Area. In his spare time, he loves to experiment with vintage radios and learn new languages.